• GlassProTec Fire-rated Glass Germany
  • Forster Steel Profile System Switzerland
  • Glas Trösch Fire-rated Glass can be cut instead Switzerland
  • SEVESA Smart Glass Spain
  • Saint-gobain Vetrotech Security Glass Germany
Shanghai GlassProTec has the vision of introduce the state of art German-Swiss fireglass& steel profile system into China and provide turn-key package solution of fire glass system to customers. Shanghai GlassProTec is fully authorized by GlassProTec GmbH Germany, and it distribute and fabricate products of GlasTroesch and Forster Switzerland.
GlassProTec GmbH is located in coastal city Wismar, Germany. It is the only professional company in north Germany specializing in fire glass. Shanghai GlassProTec is fully authorized with GlassProTec intellectual property including process know-how and recipe. Shanghai GlassProTec possess the GlassProTec name, logo&trademark and test reports out of EU; GlassProTec GmbH continues to support Shanghai GlassProTec in processing technology and QC management. Shanghai GlassProTec adopt most advanced nano-silica based fire-resistant chemicals prepared in Germany. The chemicals are infilled into glass and cured to form solid crystal appearance fire-resistance interlayer. The fire glass products meets rigorous standards of EU, USA and China.